This long wooden spoon from Talisman Designs has a flat edge for scraping the sides of bowls, pots, and pans and you mix. Foreseeable applications include mixing cake and brownie batters by hand or stirring pasta or potatoes over the stove. The natural beechwood construction is durable and safe for use with nonstick pots and pans. This has a laser-etched forest art motif that won't fade over time. Contains an FDA-approved natural oil finish. Hand-washing recommended. Measures 12" in length.


  • 12" wood angled stirring spoon from the Talisman Designs houseware co.
  • Has one flat edge to scrape bowls and sauce pots as you stir
  • Functions like a normal stirring spoon in other respects
  • Useful for stirring chocolate & tomato sauces, or mixing cake batter by hand
  • Made of natural beechwood
  • Won't scratch nonstick cooking surfaces
  • Natural oil finish
  • Laser-etched art is permanent and will not fade over time
  • Hand-washing recommended

Bird Wooden Spoon

SKU: K006