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Spit happens! Make it cute! Be prepared with a Cute Burp Cloth over your shoulder, and one in every room! The soft colors of this multi color burp cloth is sure to go with everything, and makes an adorable addition to a baby shower gift. 

  • These adorable small-batch, high quality burp cloths are 10.5x21” and are made with 100% cotton flour sack material. We chose flour sack cotton because of the absorbency! After all, the point of a burp cloth is to soak up as much spit up or drool as possible, right? Flour sack cotton gets softer & more absorbent with each wash!
  • Double sided design
  • Comes packaged in an adorable, reusable canvas basket // check out the back side of the tag. We give you ideas on how to reuse this cutie! 

Doe A Deer - Cute Burp Cloths

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