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Stay hydrated with this ADORABLE reminder. It’s not always easy, so let us at Doe A Deer just remind you in case you forgot: You are doing GREAT. This dark pink mug with a beautiful pearl white lid will have you feeling glam on your not-so-glamorous days. Gift Idea: Dropping off a baby gift for a new mom? Be sure to include this mega mug to let her know you’re thinking of her too.  


Here are a few deets you might want to know! 

  • These made-in-the-USA cuties are BPA FREE & double-wall insulated 
  • They hold 22 oz. of whatever your heart desires to sip on 
  • This style has a matte finish with an extra large handle + ribbed thumb grip
  • These are dishwasher safe, BUT hand washing is highly recommended to prevent fading

Doe A Deer - Mama Mega Mug

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