Make meal time more fun with this useful little pooch. It's super cute to look at, but it also makes serving hot dogs more safe and enjoyable for your kids. It doubles as a slicer and a serving tray, and you even get to use Fido's bowl to hold condiments for dipping. Use with hot or cold meat, and quickly chop into perfect pieces for little fingers and mouths. This food can be one of the biggest choking hazards, but when you reduce to teeny, uniform pieces, the risk is greatly reduced. You can slice regular hot dogs or other sausages, and most average size wieners will fit. The two piece slicer is made from a safe, BPA-free plastic, and with no dangerous metal edges, you can let your children slice their own food without worry. Cleaning it is simple in the dishwasher, and because you can serve food on the same thing you cut it with, you never have extra dishes to wash.


Why It's Good

  • Safe. Made entirely from plastic, kids can do the cutting without worry. With tiny pieces that are guaranteed to be a certain size, the possibility of choking is greatly reduced.
  • Easy-To-Use. So simple and effective, just press down to cube your dog in seconds.
  • Motivational. Fun to look at, and fun to use. Your children will be excited to eat their dinner.
  • Low Maintenance. Totally dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a breeze. Simply separate the parts, and place on the top rack.


How To Use It

Using this tool is simple and straight forward, but follow these easy steps for best results:

  • Separate the two piece cutter by lifting the dog up off the lower tray.
  • Lay your meat lengthwise in the groove on the tray. If too long, trim to fit.
  • Position the dachshund above the tray, and over the hot dog. Make sure cutting grooves are aligned properly.
  • To slice, apply even pressure, and press straight down.
  • Lift Fido up and set aside to serve.
  • Kids can use a fork, or their fingers to pick chunks directly from the tray.
  • Use Fido's bowl to hold ketchup or mustard for dipping.
  • For best results and safety, allow some cooling prior to slicing. This will prevent squishing and/or squirting and ensure a quick, uniform cut.
  • Combine parts for storage, or separate and place on top rack of dishwasher for cleaning.

Hot Dog Slic'r

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