• Hic’s stainless steel soap naturally removes strong odors from hands without the use of any liquid soaps, bar soaps, harsh chemicals, or perfumes
  • Made from 18/8 Stainless Steel; durable and reusable; brushed finish; won’t dry out skin; reduces waste and saves money; Measures 2. 375 x . 75-Inches
  • Simply rub Hands against the soap under running water to remove odors; great for removing onion, garlic, Chive, fish, and other strong odors from skin
  • Naturally occurring sulfur molecules in skin bind with stainless steel molecules, which Transfers odors to the soap then down the drain with the water
  • Reusable; more economical and effective than soap; save money and reduce chemicals in waterways; dishwasher safe for sanitizing as needed

Stainless Steel Soap

SKU: K058