Herby rosemary meets effervescent mint with Zum Body Rosemary-Mint Body Lotion. This pair doubles down on perky and punchy. They combine to stimulate skin and the senses with goosebumpin' thump of the utterly refreshing and salaciously herbaceous. This is Rosemary-Mint lotion for the herb garden purists out there who know that nothing will do but the very best. Featuring essential oils and unadulterated extracts that harmonize together like an aromatic dream come true, this earthy, minty body lotion wakes you up and chills you out with a single slather. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your morning routine or sink into an aromatic trance before bed.
The path to supple skin is short, but the journey is long and lovely. Slather on Zum Body lotion, then feel yourself floating above the dryness for an out-of-body experience. Your skin feels soft and healthy. Not oily and never greasy. Repeat after us: you are one with the dandelion and red clover infusion, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, aloe vera, extracts of angelica, avocado, coltsfoot, and more. Zum Body rosemary lotion is available in 2-ounce tubes or 8-ounce bottles.


  • Essential oils
  • Natural ingredients

Zum - Shea Butter Body Lotion Rosemary-Mint

SKU: ZM008