Sea Salt Zum Body Lotion from Indigo Wild lets you float away on a wave of ocean freshness no matter where you are. Slather on the scent of the ocean in a plant-packed body lotion that swims hand in hand with sea salt, sea kelp, and other moisturizing mavens — in the form of hibiscus flowers, dandelions and angelica.


Zum Body Lotions pamper your skin with shea butter made from certified organic nuts and infused with ultra-moisturizing meadowfoam seed oil, aloe vera extract, certified organic sunflower oil and herbal extracts. Your senses will awaken from the slight citrus notes of passionflower and mango butter in our natural sea salt body lotion. Go ahead and dive in — the lotion’s fine!

Zum - Shea Butter Body Lotion Sea Salt

SKU: ZM009