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The Buttercup's
Full Menu

This is our full menu. Secrets and all, it's every drink that we've ever released. However, while this is our "Full Menu" the great thing about the Buttercup is we encourage you to create your own drinks, and come up with new recipes. So, have fun, and ask questions :)

T H E  D R I N K S

- Americano
- Cappuccino
- Chai
- Cold Brew
- Drip
- Frap
- Hot Chocolate
- Italian Soda
- Latte
- Lemonade


- Macchiato
- Milk Tea
- Mocha
- Protein Shake
- Refresher
- Slush
- Smoothie
- Ice Cream

    - Freesia
     - Floats
     - Affogato

* As A Note...

We offer a variety of flavor options as well as Sugar Free options. Some drinks can be made completely Sugar Free (or SLIM), while others can only be partially. So please let us know if that's what you would like.

Our Milk Options: - Whole Milk - Almond Milk - Oat Milk

Our Flavor Options:

  • Regular: Brown Sugar/Butterscotch/Caramel/Cinnamon/French Toast/ Gingerbread/Green Mint/Hazelnut/Hot Honey/Lavender/Peppermint/Pumpkin Pie/Salted Caramel/Toasted Marshmallow/Toffee Nut/Vanilla/Vanilla Bean

  • Fruit: Blackberry/Blue Curacao/Blue Raspberry/Cherry/Coconut/Galaxy/Grape/Mango Peach/Pineapple/Pomegranate/Raspberry/Strawberry/Watermelon

  • Sugar Free: Brown Sugar Cinnamon/Caramel Creme Cheesecake/Caramel/Cinnamon Vanilla/Cookie Dough/French Toast/Hazelnut/Honey Cinnamon/Peanut ButterCup/Peppermint/S’Mores/Salted Caramel/Vanilla Caramel Creme/Vanilla/White Mocha/Cherry/Cotton Candy/Dragon Fruit Acai/Raspberry

This is an espresso drink made with water. It's double the amount of Espresso that we usually put into drinks. Any Syrup can be added to it, as well as Milk/Cream/Sugar.

 - Americano - Can be served hot or cold

 - Brown Sugar Espresso Americano - Special Espresso mixed with        Brown Sugar, then served with Hot/Cold water

 - Salted Caramel Americano - Made with our Salted Caramel Syrup

*This is an excellent drink to make SLIM, as it can be made completely Sugar Free



More Foam than a regular Latte, and can only be served Hot, but all the same rules apply! 

*See Latte for different options

**Cannot have Cold Foam on top



A mixture of Tea Spices made into a Latte. Our standard Milk is whole, so if you want an alternative milk, please request it. This is great all on its own! You also can add espresso, which is then called a Dirty Chai. If you’re looking for variations, here are some options:

 - Cinderella - A Brown Sugar Dirty Chai with Pumpkin Cold Foam

 - White Chocolate Chai - Dirty Chai mixed with White Chocolate Sauce

 - Thumper - Dirty Chai mixed with Brown Sugar Syrup, and Cinnamon Toffee Nut Cold Foam

 - Pumpkin Chai - Chai mixed with Pumpkin Syrup

 - 1st & Ten - ½ Chai, and ½ Drip, YUM!

 - The Katie  - Dirty Chai mixed with Brown Sugar Syrup, and Cold Foam

 - Gingerchai - Chai/Dirty Chai mixed with Gingerbread Syrup

 - Gingersnap - Chai/Dirty Chai mixed with Gingerbread, Hot Honey Syrup, and Dark chocolate Sauce

 - French Toast Chai - Chai/ Dirty Chai mixed with French Toast

 - Toasted Chai - Chai/ Dirty Chai mixed with Toasted Marshmallow



This is a different way of brewing coffee, rather than regular drip. It’s made by steeping coffee in water for a long period. It’s less acidic and has a smoother taste. This can be served on its own, or with flavor/cream to it as well. If you’re wanting to add on, here are our suggestions:

 - The Rip - which is Cold Brew mixed with Chile Syrup, Dark and White Chocolate Sauce. Topped with Whip Cream and Cinnamon Powder

 - Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cold Brew - Which is Cold Brew mixed with Dark Chocolate Sauce, and topped with Strawberry Cold Foam

 - Strawberry Oat French Toast Cold Brew - Which is Cold Brew mixed with French Toast Syrup, and topped with Oat Milk and Strawberry Syrup

 - Caramel Cold Brew with Pumpkin Cold Foam - Which is Cold Brew mixed with Caramel Sauce, and topped with Pumpkin Cold Foam, and Pumpkin Spice Sprinkles


Cold Brew

This is our regular black coffee. We get our beans from the Roasterie in Kansas City, and brew fresh Drip daily. We have a variety of flavors. You can obviously get this all on its own, but you can also add flavor/cream/sugar to it as well. If you’re wanting to add on, then these are our suggestions:

 - Honey Bee - Made with our Honey Cinnamon Syrup, and Cinnamon Sprinkles

 - Salted Caramel Drip - Made with our Salted Caramel Sauce

 - The Maple - Made with our Caramel Syrup, White Chocolate Sauce, and topped with Maple Syrup



A drink that’s blended with Ice to make it a frozen consistency. Our standard Milk is whole, so if you want an alternative milk, please request it. All Fraps contain Milk, Espresso, and Frap Mix as their base. The options are endless with these. We suggest putting whatever flavor with one of our Sauce’s because we believe that makes the consistency better, but it’s not necessary. These are our suggestions for a basic frap:

 - Mocha Frap - Dark Chocolate Sauce

 - White Mocha Frap - White Chocolate Sauce

 - Salted Caramel Frap - Salted Caramel Sauce

 - Caramel Frap - Caramel Sauce

 - Dulce De Leche Frap - Dulce De Leche Sauce

Then you can get into our Specialty Fraps, which are made with Mix-In’s. The Mix-In’s currently include Chocolate Chips, Cookie Dough Pieces, Oreo Pieces, Mini Reese’s, M&M’s, Andes Pieces, Nerds, Cherry Mash’s, Salted Caramel Chocolate Rocks, Crushed Graham Crackers, and Marshmallows:

 - Chocolate Chip Frap - Dark Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Chips

 - Oreo Frap - Dark and White Chocolate Sauce and Crushed Oreos

 - Cookie Dough Frap - White Chocolate Sauce, Cookie Dough Syrup, and Cookie Dough Pieces

 - Reeses Frap - Dark Chocolate Sauce, Peanut Butter Syrup, and Reeses Cups

 - Andes Frap - Dark Chocolate Sauce, Peppermint Syrup, and Andes Pieces

 - Cookie Monster Frap - Vanilla Bean and Cookie Dough Syrup, Cookie Dough, and Oreo Pieces, and Dark Chocolate and Caramel Drizzle

 - Campfire Frap - Toasted Marshmallow Syrup, Dark Chocolate Drizzle, and a Toasted Marshmallow to top it off

 - Carmello Frap - Caramel Sauce, Toasted Marshmallow Syrup, and topped with a Toasted Marshmallow

 - Cherry Mash Frap -Dark Chocolate Sauce, Cherry Syrup, ½ of a Cherry Mash gets blended with it, then the other ½ gets put on top

 - The George Frap - Dark Chocolate Sauce, Banana and Toffee Nut Syrup, topped with Yellow Sprinkles

 - Strawberries & Cream (S&C) Frap - *Suggested without espresso* Strawberry blended with lots of Whipped Cream, YUM!

 - Java Frap - A Java Chip Mix made into a frap, topped with Chocolate Chips

 - French Toast Frap - White Chocolate and French Toast, topped with Cinnamon Powder, a Breakfast-lover’s dream!

 - Cotton Candy Frap - *Suggested without espresso* Cotton Candy and Strawberry blended with Whipped Cream and fun Sprinkles to top it off!

 - Mon Cheri Frap - White Chocolate Sauce, and Cherry Syrup

 - Pumpkin Caramel Frap - Caramel Sauce, and Pumpkin Syrup

 - Golden Oreo - Salted Caramel Frap with Oreos Mixed in

 - Peppermint Patty Frap - White Chocolate Sauce and Peppermint Syrup

 - Cadbury Frap - Caramel, Vanilla, White Chocolate Sauce with Cold Brew instead of Milk & Espresso

 - Rocky Road Frap - Toasted Marshmallow, and Almond Syrups, and Dark Chocolate Sauce blended with Mini Marshmallows, and topped with some as well



Pretty Basic. Dark Chocolate Sauce, and Hot Milk. Our standard Milk is whole, so if you want an alternative milk, please request it. But Spice it up with any of our flavors! Our Suggestions:

 - Hot Chocolate - The OG, Dark Chocolate Sauce, can’t go wrong

 - Hot White Chocolate - Twist! Made with White Chocolate Sauce

 - Hot Chocolate with Caramel - Dark Chocolate and Caramel Sauce

 - Hot Toasted Marshmallow Chocolate - Dark Chocolate sauce with Toasted Marshmallow Syrup, LOVE! If asked we’ll even throw in an actual Marshmallow

Hot Chocolate


Any of our Soda options made with any of our Syrup Options

 - Cherry Coke - C’mon, pretty self-explanatory ;)

 - XO - Our Shirley Temple

 - Cotton Candy Soda - Sprite with Strawberry, and Cotton Candy Syrup

 - Nemo - Blue Curacao Syrup with Sprite, Cold Foam, and a Gummy Shark

 - Orangesicle - Orange Sunkist with Cold Foam

Italian Soda


Made with our Syrup, less rich version of the Mocha. Always made with Milk, and Espresso, It can also be made with any of our Syrup Options. Can be served Iced or Hot. Our standard Milk is whole, so if you want an alternative milk, please request it. Our Latte’s include:

 - Caramel Latte - Caramel Syrup

 - Hazelnut Latte - Hazelnut Syrup

 - Honey Bunny - Honey Cinnamon Syrup, and Cinnamon Sprinkles

 - Turtle Latte - Hazelnut Syrup, and Chocolate Caramel Drizzle

 - Carmello - Caramel and Toasted Marshmallow Syrup

 - Crush Latte - Cherry and Caramel Creme Cheesecake Syrup

 - 007 - Shaken, Not Stirred :) Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Syrup Shaken With 3 Oz of Heavy Whipping Cream

 - Brown Sugar Escape - Also Shaken! Brown Sugar Escape and the Espresso is Shaken then poured over Oat Milk, and a Cinnamon Powder to top it off

 - Dawn - Brown Sugar and French Toast, with Cinnamon Powder to top it off

 - Dusk - Toasted Marshmallow and French Toast topped with Mini Marshmallows

This is also great with Cold Foam, here are our suggestions with Cold Foam:

 - Spooky Bear - Brown Sugar Syrup with Pumpkin Cold Foam

 - Polar Bear - Brown Sugar Syrup with Peppermint Cold Foam

 - Ginger Bear - Brown Sugar Syrup with Gingerbread Cold Foam

 - Sugar Cookie - Brown Sugar Syrup with Cookie Dough Cold Foam

 - The Blitz - Caramel Fudge Waffle Cone Syrup with Caramel Cold Foam

 - Cafe Cola - Vanilla Syrup, and substitute the milk with Coca-Cola, then top with Cold Foam



Our Lemonade made with any of our Syrup Options

 - Strawberry Lemonade - You can do this one ;)

 - Bloom - Lavender Lemonade with a Honey Drizzle

 - Frosty Leprechaun  - Green Mint Lemonade



A Vanilla Syrup Base with Espresso poured over top. Always made with Vanilla Syrup, Milk, and Espresso. Our standard Milk is whole, so if you want an alternative milk, please request it. Can be served Iced or Hot. Our Suggestions include:

 - Caramel Macchiato - Vanilla Syrup with Caramel Drizzle

 - Salted Caramel Macchiato - Vanilla Syrup with Salted Caramel Drizzle

 - Snickerdoodle Macchiato - Caramel and Vanilla Syrup with Dulce De Leche Drizzle

 - Shooting Star - White Chocolate Sauce and Hazelnut Syrup with Caramel Drizzle

 - Caramel French Toast Macchiato - Vanilla Syrup with French Toast Cold Foam and Caramel Drizzle



Essentially, Milk Tea is tea with milk in it. But just like everything else, there’s lots of add-on’s to this original recipe. Our standard Milk is whole, so if you want an alternative milk, please request it. We also use Black Tea as our standard Tea, again if you want an alternate please request it. Black tea typically comes with 30-60 Mg of Caffeine. This is great all on its own! If you’re looking for variations, here are some options:

 - Spiced Milk Tea - Black Tea, Steamed Milk, and our Vanilla and Spiced Brown Sugar Syrups


Milk Tea

Made with our sauce, so it's richer than the latte. Always made with Milk, and Espresso. Our standard Milk is whole, so if you want an alternative milk, please request it. Can be served Iced or Hot. You either have a choice of Dark Mocha / White Mocha / Caramel Mocha / Salted Caramel Mocha / Dulce De Leche Mocha. Or you can pair one of those with any of our syrup options. Our Suggestions include:

 - Mocha - Dark Chocolate Sauce

 - White Mocha - White Chocolate Sauce

 - Peppermint Mocha - Peppermint Syrup, and White Chocolate Sauce

 - Gingerbread Mocha - Gingerbread Syrup and White Chocolate Sauce

 - Mon Cheri - White Chocolate Sauce and Cherry Syrup

A top suggestion with Mocha’s is adding Cold Foam, and our suggestions with that include:

 - Cottontail - A White Mocha with Cold Foam and Caramel Drizzle

 - Milk and Cookies - A Dark and White Chocolate Mocha with Cold Foam, and Oreo Pieces

 - Churro - A Dulce De Leche Mocha with Cinnamon Cold Foam and Dulce De Leche Drizzle

 - Bumpkin - A White Mocha with Pumpkin Cold Foam

 - Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Dark Chocolate Mocha with Strawberry Cold Foam

 - Frosty - White Chocolate Sauce, Cinnamon Syrup, and topped with Cinnamon Cold Foam

 - Creme Brulee - White Chocolate, Salted Caramel Mocha with Cinnamon Cold Foam

 - Sugar Maple - Hazelnut, Salted Caramel Mocha with Maple Syrup Cold Foam, and salted caramel drizzle

 - The Kringle - White Chocolate, Christmas Spice Mocha with Christmas Spice Cold Foam, and Red Sprinkles

 - Snowflake - White Chocolate, Peppermint Mocha with Peppermint Crunch Sprinkles

 - Leprechaun Mocha - Creme De Menthe White Mocha with Creme De Menthe Cold Foam

 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Everybody’s fave cereal now in a drink! French Toast White Mocha with Cold Foam and a Cinnamon Sprinkle to top it off.



This is a shake made with Protein Powder. You can put any flavor you want with it. We make it with regular milk, but if you want it completely slim then it can be made with Almond Milk. We suggest these flavors:

 - Strawberry Banana Protein Shake - with Strawberry Banana Smoothie Mix

 - Mango Protein Shake - with Mango Smoothie Mix

 - Vanilla Caramel Creme Protein Shake - Completely Sugar Free with our Vanilla Caramel Creme Syrup

 - Peanut Butter Protein Shake - with Sugar Free Peanut Butter Syrup, and real peanut butter


Protein Shake

These are clean caffeine drinks. Completely crash-free as their energy comes from natural sources such as natural green tea , and B12. They are naturally sweetened, and they contain great things such as electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, and sodium to support hydration. They give you an Antioxidant boost, daily multi-vitamin, energy boost and focus. They are low carb and ZERO sugar. Here are our different kinds:

 - Peach Mango - Grapefruit - Blueberry Raspberry - Berry

 - Grape - Cherry

Now with these we suggest adding flavors to it, so for each we have different suggestions:

 - Peach Mango - Pineapple / Peach / Raspberry / Strawberry / Pomegranate

 - Berry - Watermelon / Blackberry / Raspberry / Strawberry / Pomegranate

 - Grapefruit - Grape / Blackberry / Raspberry / Lemon / Lemonade

 - Blueberry Raspberry - Lemon / Lemonade / Pineapple / Blackberry

 - Grape - Lemon / Lemonade / Strawberry

 - Cherry - Lemon / Lemonade / Grape / Blackberry / Strawberry

Also in the Refresher Line we have the:

 - Red Bull Refresher - Which is a whole can of Original Red Bull plus whatever flavor you’d like.

We suggest: Watermelon / Grape / Blackberry / Strawberry



Any of our Syrup Flavors mixed with Lemonade and blended with Ice

 - Strawberry Slush - with Strawberry Syrup

 - Blackberry Slush - with Blackberry Syrup

 - Pineapple Peach Mango Slush - Tastes just like a Peach Ring!

 - Chiller - Any of our Smoothie Mixes with Lemonade and topped with Whipped Cream

 - Blast - Skittles Slush! Either Blue Raspberry or Strawberry

 - Frosty Lemonade - with Mint Green Syrup, an electric green color!



A smoothie made with Smoothie Mix, Ice, and Milk. Our standard Milk is whole, so if you want an alternative milk, please request it.

 - Strawberry Banana Smoothie - with Strawberry Banana Smoothie Mix

 - Mango Smoothie - with Mango Smoothie Mix



This is just as it sounds, ice cream! We will have a variety of flavors at any time, so please ask, or look at the ice cream menu. You can do just a dip in a bowl, or Waffle Cone, or you can add any of our toppings:

 - M&M’s                                        -    Cookie Dough

 - Andes Mints                               -    Chocolate Chips

 - Oreo’s                                          -    Marshmallow’s

 - Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups     -    Skittles

 - Nerd’s

You can also add a sauce topping, including:

 - Dark Chocolate                           -    Dulce De Leche

 - White Chocolate                          -    Hot Fudge

 - Caramel                                        -    Butterscotch

 - Salted Caramel

We also have several things that you can do with Ice Cream, other than just Dips, and Waffle Cones, including:


This is our ice cream with our toppings (as seen above) mixed in, you can also mix our Sauce with it, but it will be an additional charge. It makes our hard ice cream smooth like a shake with candy mixed in, YUM! You can be as creative as you want with this, here are some of our suggestions:

 - M&M Freesia - A Classic. Our Vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed M&M’s

 - Oreo Freesia - Vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed Oreo’s

 - Superman Nerd Freesia - (This is only available when we have our Superman ice cream) Lemon yellow, Strawberry red, and Bubble gum blue ice cream mixed with Nerds, colorful and yummy! Kids will love this one

As we said before you can also mix in Sauce with the Freesia’s so here are some of our suggestions with that:

 - Salted Caramel Oreo Freesia - Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with Salted Caramel Sauce and Crushed Oreo’s, just like our Golden Oreo Frap, only with ice cream

 - Chocolate Chocolate Chip Strawberry Freesia - Strawberry Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips, and Dark Chocolate Sauce. Just like a chocolate covered strawberry

 - Thin Mint Freesia - Vanilla Ice cream mixed with Mint Syrup, and Dark Chocolate Sauce, and topped with a Thin Mint


a chilled beverage that has our hard ice cream with a soda or one of our Italian Soda’s (Flavored Soda). We will have a variety of soda available, so please ask to make sure we have the one you want. You can use any of our Syrups as well. Floats can be served with Whipped Cream on top as well, but it will be an additional cost.

 - Coke Float - Vanilla Ice Cream and Coke

 - Superman Float - Superman Ice Cream and Sprite/7 Up (Only available when we have Superman Ice Cream)

 - Blackberry Soda Float - Vanilla Ice Cream with Sprite/7 Up and our Blackberry Syrup


An italian based drink. Affogato translates to ‘drowned’. It’s a scoop of ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. The Espresso melts the Ice Cream just enough that it makes it creamy and delicious! It’s traditionally served with vanilla ice cream, but this is your world, make it however you want! If you add a syrup/sauce/topping then there will be additional charges.

 - Affogato - Vanilla Ice Cream and Espresso

 - Salted Caramel Affogato - Vanilla Ice Cream, Espresso, and Salted Caramel Sauce

 - Cow Tippin’ Affogato - Cow Tippin’ Ice Cream, topped with Espresso (Only available when we have Cow Tippin’ Ice Cream)


Ice Cream

You can always ask for extras! Extra Syrup, extra Sauce, or an extra Shot of Espresso. You can sweeten up any drink by adding Cold Foam. We also offer Pup Cups which is a little cup of Whipped Cream and Sprinkles so your dog can enjoy the Buttercup, too!


Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our menu. We hope you enjoy your drink, and if you're not sure about something, or have any questions, please ask :)

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